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The Story of the Church


I didn’t take photos, which I regret now, but I found this online (and I don’t know who took it). To whoever took this, if you want me to take this down or ask me for credit just tell me.

So, for over a year Jex and I were planning on getting Archbishop’s Palace for our wedding. Why? Getting married there is pretty cheap, and it really was compared to other churches. But unlike other churches, the price they give you doesn’t include basic flower setup, priest, and a choir. So you still have to source suppliers for those things, if you want to. So in the end you’ll probably be spending around the same amount as you would have with other churches.

Neither of us have ever been to Archbishop’s Palace so it was an adventure going there. Shaw boulevard traffic + getting lost = tiring. But in the end it was actually pretty easy going there in terms of route. Turn right at Shaw boulevard from EDSA, at the corner just after Starmall. Keep going straight, past the Honda Showroom on your right and until you see a Toyota Showroom at your left. Turn left at the street before Toyota, which is supposed to be Jaime Cardinal Sin street. On your left there should be a high walled compound, this is Villa San Miguel, where Archbishop’s Palace is. Look for the second green gate of the compound. You might need to go down and knock on the gate first and ask to be let in.

The big chapel. See how pretty it is inside. Looks big too in the photo, right? But it’s really small lang pala, for intimate weddings. Found this online as well. To the one who took this, tell me if you want me to take it down or give you credit. Thanks!

I was amazed once we got down from the car. The compound was nice and quiet, unlike the chaos that is Shaw boulevard. There were lots of trees and grassy areas. It felt like I was in the Miriam campus, actually. We went there without an appointment, so unluckily for us the person we could talk to was out. We decided to wait, since we were already there, and walked and looked around the compound. Walking around the compound took less than 5 minutes on a stroll’s pace. We sat down and waited…and waited. We waited for, I think, more than an hour.

Finally the person came back and we stepped into his office. We inquired about the rate and other details. And then we find out that the wedding date we were targeting was already taken *sad face*. Jex and I talked and decided we’d reserve the Saturday before our initially planned date. It wasn’t the plan, but at least we already reserved the church, which only cost PhP500.00, by the way. We left uncertain. After seeing all the strict policies of the church plus not getting our planned wedding date, I was less than satisfied. Jex said we should just drop by Christ the King, our second choice for the church. So off we went.

I told him to call the church first, so we’re sure we’re not going there just to be disappointed. They confirmed our date was still available. YES. I drove a bit faster because it was late and their office was closing soon. We got there in time and got to talk to Ms. Lily and got all the details we needed to know. Jex then told me to call the Acropolis Clubhouse to check if we could still get them as our reception venue. They were still available for our wedding date. YES. It was a sign. We paid the reservation for Christ the King and went home happy. Sure, it was twice the price that we were budgeting for the church, but we were really happy, so it didn’t matter.


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